Branded Events Technologies

PouchNATION Asia s Brand Activations Event Analytics Solution

Branded Events Technologies – Due to the current improvement of technology, the event organizer’s technology business has also increased by leap and bound. Current Events being held now are no longer just by randomly held and efforts. But the current events aided by the modern technologies can now be structured and organized in such a manner to avoid unwanted results of the event and therefore ensure the higher probability of the successful event.

One of the Asian Market Leading Event Organizer company, The PouchNation are using these kinds of modern technologies as well. The example for the modern technologies used in the event is the use of RFID bracelets which would allow not only the easier registration for the customer but also allow the sponsor to keep track of their guest movement and activities in the event. After the data have been extracted and compiled into readable information, then the sponsor would receive information report which contains the full activities and necessary compiled data from PouchNation. And through the report, the sponsor then would be able to measure the successful mileage of the event.

One of the popular technologies offered by the PouchNation is the cashless payment services in the venue. By using the bracelet which obtained by the guest attendee during the registration process, the guest would be able to purchase goods inside the venue. Because inside the event venue, there are no cash paper goods purchasing transactions allowed. The guest can only purchase the goods inside the venue through the bracelet and it can be top up inside the venue using either the NFC Phones with Pouch App Installed or the reloading booths inside the venue. The reloading booth accepts cash and credit card payments from the guest attendee. The bracelet or band not only can be used for the easy registration and payment gadget but also can be used as the crowd control gadget. Such as not permitting entry to certain restricted areas in the event venue.